Day 33 – Dutch Treats

I’m a little concerned what connotations the title of this post might have, so I am specifically not entering it into Google for fear of what I might get back. I recommend you do the same… or at least, don’t tell me about it, or complain afterwards what you might have found!

This post is just about food.

I am sure every country has its own specialities food-wise. Things that are hard to get anywhere outside of the country of origin. Things that just do not seem to get traction anywhere else.

When family members first come to visit me in Australia, I delight in letting them sample Vegemite… a true delicacy! Alas, none of them seem to like it. Similarly, a favourite in the Netherlands: Salmiak, seems to be beyond most foreigners’ palates. There is a very entertaining American blog that taste-tests salmiak treats readers send in… Salmiyuck!

But I digress.

Today started with the age-old hunt for Hagelslag in Australia. I have unfortunately eaten through the whole supply we had before. For those not-in-the-know, Hagelslag can be seen in the header image at the right end of the picture. They are chocolate sprinkles for eating on sandwiches. A large part of the Dutch population starts their days with sprinkles-on-toast, or sprinkles-on-“Beschuit”.

We had to go by 3 shops to get some seriously over-priced Hagelslag to tide me over till the other stores stock again. Or maybe it’s time for a trip to “‘t Winkeltje“, the Dutch shop in Western Sydney.

As an aside, Beschuit I think took a bit longer to get stocked consistently mainly because the local retailers mistakenly assumed it was a type of biscuit. After just writing that, it occurs to me that the similarity in spelling might have had something to do with that.

Beschuit is by no means a biscuit. It is a dry baked rusk-type food that also is a breakfast staple in the Netherlands. Without anything toppings, it’s the kind of thing no-drinks-allowed-eating-challanges are made of.

Anyway… I now have some Hagelslag and some Salmiak.

I don’t think it’ll last long.