Dare to be Blue

This year I took part in the #worldsgreatestshave except minus the shaving. I promised to colour my hair blue for a month, and until April 11th I’ll be maintaining my current locks. I raised $1,189 at the time of this writing, just shy of a LEET $1,337 but not to be sneezed at.

(If however you feel inclined to help me part of those last $148 to the finishing line)

I prepared earlier in the week by bleaching my hair. As it turns out it isn’t quite as dark brown as I thought because 30 minutes in I looked in the mirror and panicked. Granted it looked lighter than it proved to be, but still…


On Friday 11th March, in the kitchen at work, I had some assistance with the turning blue. Thanks Farnaz; see, there was really no reason to panic, it came out just fine!

I was surprised at hoe many people expressed disbelief.


“Gosh you’re brave!” to a confused look on my face.

I’m not in the habit of backing down from a challenge, let alone a self-imposed one. As yet I believe my 365-challenge is still the greatest testament to my stubbornness.

And despite all my advertising and pestering, there was still at least one colleague who did a double-take after the fact and as of this morning was still wondering what was going on until I explained. Clearly Worlds’ Greatest Shave is not as universally known as I had thought.


It’s been a fun experience so far.

And if you want to see the results in person, find a way to see me before the middle of April. Time flies, so you better get in quick!

Day 166 – Slightly Crispy

The holiday season definitely is a time to let out all the bad habits.

My scales aren’t as happy with me as they should be. Christmas has caused me to gain a kilo that I really didn’t want back. But it was completely worth it.

I am a little concerned over how much chocolate is still sitting around tempting me. On the one hand I just want to go and eat it all and have it be over. On the other, I’m challenging myself to spread out the eating to avoid the worst side-effects of a chocolate overdose. I’m really not sure if one approach or the other is particularly better.

Today, I added skin-abuse to the mix. I was in the sun. With my 50+ sunscreen on. And completely distracted from re-applying.

I’m a little red and crispy in places, but thankfully not too badly on the inside of elbows or backs of knees. Those are the worst. I’m telling myself I’ll be more careful through the rest of summer, but even I do not believe myself.

I will try though. Back to the health regimen.

Day 164 – Manga

My hair apparently has done a Manga impression all day. I knew it was a bit unruly, but I had no idea what it was up to today!

Look Ma, No Gel
Look Ma, No Gel

I can only assume a combination of showering at the gym without a comb, and walking out into a blustery day has resulted in this hairdo. I wonder if anybody out there noticed… I didn’t get any weird looks as such… I think?

Maybe this is its way of telling me to get a haircut.

Be Prepared!
Be Prepared!

I also re-stocked on sun supplies today. I’m ready to go out and enjoy Wet’n’Wild some more without risk of burning. Provided I keep well lubricated that is. Lasts 4 hours… means I have to re-apply up to 2-3 times. Let’s see how that goes.