Day 333 – Fear


I am not always entirely at ease flying either. Nothing that a reasoned scientific argument with myself won’t fix, but still. My dad for a long time didn’t want to fly from Europe to Australia to come visit, but at long last he did… and then again a second time. Not sure if that was fear, or discomfort, or a mix of both. I know for a fact that my youngest brother still hasn’t been here for fear of flying.

Some days I wish there were a high-speed train that stretches around the world to make this a non-issue.

But in the mean time, the statistics are really not bad at all.
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Day 81 – Weights and Measures

I blogged earlier about the FitBit Flex I got for my birthday, and it has been a tremendous help in monitoring my physical activity and my sleep. I tap it into sleep mode before I go to bed, and tap it awake in the morning, and then it tells me on my account exactly how restlessly I might have slept.

It was a revelation to discover that I didn’t sleep as much as I thought I did, and it has been a help in making me more aware of when I stay up too late or wake up too early (and how often it happens… it remembers everything!)

Today, I ordered the Aria scales made by FitBit as well. Basically the same principle applies; I step on the scales, they check weight and body fat, and then send all the details to my account for tracking.

So far, I have been successfully tracking my weight through manual entry, but $150 seemed like a small price to pay for the extra convenience for something I do daily.

2013-10-05 - Weight Graph

When I started tracking my weight I was at 87kg. I did some research to pick a target weight, and although BMI is a terrible measure for someone with the amount of muscle I have in my legs, the top-end of the healthy range is 76kg, which seems like a good target.

I set the weight target in my FitBit account at 75kg, but at least at the moment I’m going with the assumption I’ll allow for a reasonable band between 75-77kg. If I drop below 75kg, I need to eat more to get back above it, when I rise above 77kg, I need to watch what I eat. That should be manageable.

In my earlier post about weight I talked about the importance of weighing daily and not panicking over the bumps along the way.

When I look at my monthly graph I can tell exactly where Wednesday is.

Wednesday is our night with friends and food and board games. And we always eat more than we should. But we just don’t care… we’re such rebels!

Between my weight measurement on Wednesday morning and Thursday morning I typically gain about a kilo. Which I then lose again without any extra special effort over the following 2 days, because most of that extra snack-weight just doesn’t get absorbed by the body at all… it just… travels through, so to speak.

But as you can see in the image above, if you keep measuring every single day and only focus on the long-term trend, you’ll be less likely to lose heart. Despite the Wednesdays and other slips along the way, my graph has a fairly steady downward slope.

At the moment I’m at 82.8kg; when I pass through the 80kg marker I intend to have a little party to celebrate. Which will show up as a bump to 81kg the day after 😉

On the exercise-side of the equation, I’m still trying to rebuild a solid gym routine. At the moment I’m back to about 4-5 classes a week. I hope to end up with something like:

  • Mon – Weights in Pump class
  • Tue – Cycle class
  • Wed – Pilates Reformer
  • Thu – Weights in Pump class
  • Fri – Cycle class
  • Sat – … probably rest, maybe Pilates …
  • Sun – Yoga

I’ve found in the past that an even mix of strength, cardio and flexibility classes seems easiest to keep up week-on-week.

Day 17 – Massage

I have to start by clarifying; the picture above is not where I had my massage. Regrettably. It’s just a good picture Google found for me to illustrate the high-point of my day. (Side-note: Google had one particularly horrifying suggestion as well)

Having said that, once I close my eyes it really doesn’t matter where the massage table actually is. In future I will imagine myself on the beach above; maybe I can even request some soothing surf-and-gull sound effects to go with it.

If Patient Looks Like This: Call Hospital
If Patient Looks Like This: Call Hospital

I made an appointment for today before work, because my back has been somewhat unhappy with me. I blame the fact that I have missed too many Pilates classes in the recent past. I can feel that my mobility is suffering from it.

And the knots!

I can half-convince myself that maybe I don’t need a massage until it starts. Every knot rolling under the fingers of the masseuse makes me jump a little as it slips and twitches in my back. The involuntary twitching is embarrassing, but I’m sure it’s quite common.

But then, as the session progresses and it happens less and less, it’s good to know that I will be all better.

Right after the session I felt extremely good; I felt taller for my drive into work. Now, at the end of my day, I feel the after effects of the massage itself. Where before there were knots, now there are aches. I console myself with the thought that tomorrow that will be gone too and I should be all happy-and-healthy.