Day 179 – Switching Over

And just like that, I’m into holiday mode. I didn’t get as much done today as I had intended, but I had a very good day relaxing.

First thing I did was half wake-up and cancel my 9:30 gym session to sleep in late, which was a very good investment, and Nikki wasn’t back from her own holiday yet, so she’ll never know I skipped out on my Cardio. I still went to a 10:30 class of Centergy (Yoga + Pilates) as a trial, and because I have a duty to support Holly’s fitness goals 😉 Also, she returned the cooler bag that the lethal Chocolate-Chilli had come in, so now she’s eligible for a re-fill of something when I make another few batches through my holidays.

And then I went home and did a bit of cleaning and washing.

I had hoped to take a bunch of pictures of some surplus-to-requirements computer gear, an amp and my last mobile phone to put them on eBay, but that got delayed to tomorrow sometime. As long as I get some of that out of the way in the first weekend, I’ll feel like I’ve done enough chores to have earned some fun.

Although, I think I’ll be taking an early dose in the form of some more Wet’n’Wild tomorrow morning. I’m really getting my value out of the season pass I bought. Been on almost all the slides so far, so I might be able to complete the set tomorrow.

Day 177 – T-minus-1

I tidied up my backlog of tasks at work today. I have a fairly clear picture of what needs handing over in my absence, and it feels good to have everything under control. I’m not going to over-think this feeling for fear I might uncover some horrendous oversight.

One more day to go tomorrow before I get to enjoy 3 weeks off.

It is a very serene feeling already; I had expected to have to wait till Friday night for it to kick in, but gift horses and mouths, and such.

I have a very broad idea of what I’m going to do with my time off. It’ll involve a bit of housekeeping both inside the house and inside my brain to prepare for a hopefully refreshing 2014 with lots of new things in it.

And simplifying of course… cannot forget my theme for the year.