Day 205 – Holly for the Cats

Holly brought a gift to the gym today. A gift for the cats. Primarily because she has no cats to give the freebie to herself, but let’s not quibble about the details.

The cats certainly didn’t.

Are These Playthings?
Are These Playthings?

I don’t think Obie saw the point at first.


That changed quickly enough once the tin cracked open though.


The dog is really submissive around the cats; he isn’t confident about pushing in, but he does know what he wants. He was sitting waiting hopefully for his dinner.

Coaxed From the Bed
Coaxed From the Bed

Amber got the diet option, but she needed some coaxing. I think she thought she was getting called for nail-clipping… her second-least-favourite activity.

With Gusto
With Gusto

Once she gets going she’s unstoppable though.


And again the dog was sitting on the sidelines quietly hoping.
(He has had several snacks and meals since… don’t feel bad for him!)

Day 178 – So Tired

… but in the good way!

I braved the biggest slides tonight to separate my last work day from my holiday. And all it took was some serious egging-on from Holly. It was… an experience.

But it was also very good.
Now my system is crashing though, and I need sleep.
I could try to fight it, but I think nature will win.

And an early gym class tomorrow, so I better get at least some sleep so that I can make it through my cardio. And then tidying; lots of tidying, because after that I’ll feel even better about doing nothing next.

Day 55 – Whose Silly Idea?

And the answer is of course, Holly.

But I was a willing participant, so I’m not going to blame anyone too much here.

Holly wanted to try a cycle class, and I knew how horrendous they are when you first start (all cardio is, on the first attempt). Originally we were to have our first try last week on Tuesday for a 45 minute class, but we missed out on that. This week I was originally thinking the same class, except I realised I would be on my way to Melbourne tomorrow evening.

So, we decided, Monday, 1 hour. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, someone took my legs and replaced them with noodles… that is what! Holly coped a bit better with the class than I did. Or should I say, she pushed harder and ended up equally wasted, so in my book, she wins this round.

I think the funniest moment of the class was when I said I was going to skip out a little early, she looked at her watch at 6:20pm and was trying to berate me for skipping out only 20 minutes in.

She had forgotten we started at 5:45pm.

I don’t think her brain was still working at that point. Neither was mine.

It’s a strange property of cardio classes that when you do them well, halfway in my brain stops responding to anything more complicated than following instructions coming from the front of the class. And even that is a challenge.

Hopefully a few more classes will get my fitness back to where I can make it through an hour, but for now we are going easy on ourselves.

Day 44 – Lost My Legs

Tonight I was in my second Pump class since my long streak of horrendously missed classes. Last week I took it a bit easy on myself, but this week surely I’d be back up to full speed, right?


I think the squats and lunges killed my legs. As I came out of the class I worried I was going to stumble and collapse in front of Holly. You can never show weakness to gym buddies because they are merciless 😉

And there’s some good news there… sounds like she’ll be able to keep up her gym habit for a while longer. She’s keen to throw some cycling on top of the weights classes, and I never say no to a challenge, so here we go!

I just may end up draped on the couch a bit more often.

Not that this is a bad thing either. Just letting everything relax with the dull ache of the exercise still in my legs feels just great to me. I guess it’s that natural exercise high.

I’ll sleep well in any case.