Day 89 – Bored with a Million Things

Have you ever had a day where you literally* have millions of things you could be doing, but zero interest in any of them?

That’s what today feels like.

I could be preparing for my next Melbourne trip this coming week, but I just don’t feel like packing. And yet I know I should (and will) before the day is over.

I could be installing some software on my PC that I’m going to need soon, but I think that’ll happen later tonight too.

I could be studying some more Javascript. Etc, etc.

What I probably should have done is stay at Michels’ this morning and kept reading. That was actually quite pleasant in the warm windy outside.

What I want to do is spend a week at the beach walking in the surf and reading my kindle in the shade, sipping on icy cold drinks with good company.

Instead, I went outside with the camera to take some pictures.

Whenever I drive to Blacktown, I enjoy the way the road bobs over the hills along the way.
I Enjoy the way the Road bobs over the Hills along the way.

And even those seem preoccupied with travel and destinations. Maybe my boredom is merely trying to tell me something.

*Not literally; an in-joke that I’m sure doesn’t matter on my blog, but it just pleased me to add it anyway.

Day 86 – Hot Hot Hot

I feel too sluggish today to put together a header image for this post. Today was the first really hot day of our Sydney summer. I hear it peaked at 39 degrees, and I have no trouble believing it.

It wasn’t too warm when I got to work this morning, so by the time lunch came around I had forgotten about the forecast. I was planning to walk to lunch, which lasted the minute it takes me to walk from my desk to the external door. The blast of hot air that greeted me there immediately redirected me to the car.

The other side-effect of warm weather is that it makes gym classes much tougher and more draining. But on the upside, the heat generally leaves my muscles feel better after the session. As long as there’s a nice shower waiting for me when I get home, I’ll take the trade-off.

I missed my coffee stop on the way home by minutes I think. I always hold on to that idle hope that maybe I’ll get there on time on the Thursday. Sometimes I cheat on Michel’s with Coffee Guru when that happens, but again, the heat made me reconsider the necessity of getting coffee.

They really should have a home-delivered-coffee service. It would be so awesome. And so bad for my health. 😉