Day 114 – Highly Entertaining

I had to bail on my gym class tonight. My head was pounding about three tracks in despite the Panadol that Peter kindly donated to my cause around 4pm. I did a little cool-down on the treadmill to get some steps in, but I still didn’t feel quite right about it all.

Got a coffee on the way home.

Forgot the shopping.

You know, the usual.

Upon arriving home it becomes clear quickly that I’ll have to fend for myself tonight, so I decide to kill about three birds with one stone.

But What to Buy?!
But What to Buy?!

I have to get dinner anyway, so I may as well go window-shopping along the way. Whenever I am near a JB Hi-Fi, I just have to go in to see if there are any cheap BluRay movies/series that I must have. Nothing there tonight.

But I’ve also been looking to replace my entertainment solution in the living room. Currently I have a PC running the TV, and a Pioneer amplifier that I’ve had for about forever*.

I’ve settled on a solution where a QNAP NAS becomes my media server somewhere on the network, and I’ll get something-DLNA in the living room to stream all the movies/shows/music. As well as a dedicated BluRay player for sheer convenience.

Harman Kardon, with All The Connectors!
Harman Kardon, with All The Connectors!

I had looked at a Harman Kardon amplifier with a network port that can stream media. I decided to have a look at it In Real Life. I almost waved over staff to find out whether there was a deal to be had. But instead I walked away without it. I’m sure had I decided to ask for a deal, I’d probably have walked out with an amp.

But I kinda decided that I really should first find some form of Region-Free BluRay player. None of the JB models claimed this spec. I’ll probably buy a cheapie from Kogan online, and if it breaks I can re-evaluate then.

After all that, I wandered around a bit longer. The evening temperature was actually very nice out there, and there were a lot of people out and about enjoying it. I should have dragged someone along for an excuse to stay out longer, but alas… next time.

I also tried another few stores for the dark double-coat Cherry Ripe.

I have no idea what has happened to them, but nowhere seems to stock them anymore.

I hope they haven’t been discontinued.

Slightly dismayed I drove off forgetting my shopping and dinner. Which I fixed by swinging by Stanhope on the way home. I had a healthy** burger, and some kitty litter***, and headed home.

And now I’m contemplating more Panadol and an early night.
It’ll probably be another few hours before I actually do though.

* – Forever = <10 years
** – Okay, maybe health-ish … I mean, it had lettuce and a bun, right? And whatever that Oprego sauce is, bound to be dairy**** in that
*** – Not for the eats… I have very demanding owners that send me out shopping for their toilet
**** – I’m just wildly guessing here