Day 224 – Professional Juggling

Some days management feels like juggling.
With 7 clubs of differing sizes.
Whilst wading through 3 feet of treacle.

Oh, and one of the clubs may have sharp spikes coming out of it through half of the handle that you’d do best to avoid as well.

At the base level there is a certain routine to it. Things that happen every single week, such as catch-ups with staff and business interests, project meetings, team meetings, time sheets. Listening to concerns from others and then trying to take action on everything before I forget again what they have told me.

Making a routine definitely helps in leaving opportunities for people to remind me when something slips behind the sofa-cushions of the work week.

Where the juggling gets complicated is with the ad-hoc tasks that come my way. It’s a mix of all kinds, and because most of it seems non-recurring, it involves a learning curve each time. And often it’s not clear whether something is important or merely urgent. (And sometimes it’s the trivial disguised as one of the other two).

I really don’t know why I feel as swamped as I do, because objectively my team isn’t that large, and the number of projects we work on isn’t particularly overwhelming. There just is a lot of un-optimised process surrounding it all that I’m still learning to wade my way through most efficiently.

Maybe it’d help to drain some of the treacle though.
2 feet of treacle is plenty.