The Most Busiest Time of The Year

Relaxing is good.
The last four days I have done so excessively little.

But now I get to pay for it.

Tomorrow is Christmas and there are a bunch of last minute things to finish up before the day itself. I didn’t help myself by going back to Body Attack class for the first time in two years (OW), but I now realise how much I’ve missed it, so time to get back into that too. It means my legs don’t really want to do anything intense like… running… or walking… or standing.

I’ve started my last-minute cookery as well; I have decided to do a Gelato experiment using Port. I will report back how that worked out… [note to self: port boiling over = fireworks].

I also realised at the last minute that I was supposed to make my potato salads. I almost forgot, so I had to dash by the shops last-minute as well. But I think I am all set now for a sweltering afternoon in the kitchen For The Good Of All Mankind.

I think I can smell the evaporated port on the skin of my face.
Not sure how I feel about this.