Day 255 – Recovery and Countdown

At long last it seems that my back is starting to behave. My shoulder feels much better after 2 weeks of slow recovery. Just two weeks away from my next Melbourne trip…

… let’s hope this doesn’t happen again.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to very carefully try a class or two at the gym. My legs can take the brunt of it; it’ll make me feel less like a potato.

If that goes well, I might also at long last make it back to Wet’n’Wild on Sunday. By mid-April their season will end, and I’ll have to find another hobby to keep me occupied over winter.

Winter Is Coming!

And also, the inevitable count-down of my challenge. I’m kinda excited by the idea of starting the final-100 from April 8th onwards. One final marathon of attempted originality to take me to the finish line… and a new start into the unknown.

I should start planning a victory party, because this has definitely not been an easy challenge so far. I may have been a little cavalier in taking it on; but if I don’t stretch outside my comfort-zone I’ll never learn anything new. And I’m sure this is going to be useful discipline.