Day 194 – Today and Tomorrow

Today didn’t start in a very timely fashion; it was well past 11am before I even picked up my mobile from the bedside to check what the world had been up to in my absence. Alas, between the hours of 3am and 11am, apparently everywhere has been boring, so I didn’t miss much whilst unconscious.

My normal Sunday routine involves Yoga and then an extended period at Michel’s with my Kindle. Not today. Today I slept through Yoga. But that’s no reason to give up altogether.

By noon I was sitting in the not-sun outside Michel’s. Apparently a cool overcast Australia Day deters everybody else from doing the same, so I didn’t have much company outside. As usual, I sat at a table along the window with the opposing chair pushed in enough to rest my feet upon. Setting this up caused me to bump the chair into the window and Steve did look over, but I don’t think he realised it was me. No harm done though, so it doesn’t really matter.

There is something very relaxing about sitting in that specific spot near the entrance to the shops. I’ve always been good at tuning out background noise, and helps me focus on my reading somehow. And as a bonus, between chapters I can watch the people as they come by on their shopping errands.

I sat through two mugs of cappuccino, about 5 chapters, and a good 2 hours. This involves a lot of leg-exercise as well; if I do not keep re-adjusting which leg is resting on the opposing chair, I end up with wicker-shaped indentations on my legs that take forever to settle down again. Which probably isn’t healthy. I think?

The only reason I didn’t end up staying longer is that Dana started clearing the outside chairs and tables around me; I should have realised Australia Day means closing early. And I feel that good patron-etiquette at that stage calls for finishing my chapter and making room for the staff to do their jobs.

After returning home I spent some time on the PC. That always flies by. I cannot readily say what I actually did, but I can conclusively say that I achieved nothing. This strongly suggests I spent time on Facebook, Wikipedia or Steam.

The most productive part of my day consisted of watching Sherlock with Abbey. Not so much because of the show itself, but because I did the laundry and hanging while watching. I enjoyed the latter two episodes better than the first. It also means I’ve now fallen back in that pit of despair called waiting-for-the-next-season-to-come-around-in-another-48-weeks.

It is both bliss and absolute cruelty that they make only 3 episodes which they then air in 3 consecutive weeks. I wonder if this is on purpose.

The rest of my evening has been consumed with tomorrow. Or rather the planning of tomorrow; causality was in no way harmed by my actions.

I recently sold some hardware that had gathered dust, and now I must make good on the shipping that eBay requires of me. So, I have a list of all the addresses I need tomorrow morning first thing. Hopefully I can get through that very quickly.

Because after that I hope to get to Wet’n’Wild early enough to secure a parking spot near the entrance. They do not let you bring your own food in, but they cannot stop me from having an Esky in my car and ducking out for lunch and snacks as needed. So I have my bag packed for a visit there… and I still have a gym class booked that I may or may not go to at 5pm, so on the chance that I do, I’ll have to pack my gym gear as well.

So, odds are that tomorrow my post will go somewhat as follows: woke up at 8, went shopping, filled Esky, posted stuff, drove to Wet’n’Wild, spent day in sun and on slides, went to gym, aching after Nikki’s class, collapsed in front of TV, rushing this post sorry.

If I weren’t too stubborn to break my remaining 365-rules, I should really write the post now and set it on a timer. How would you ever know the difference?

Day 187 – Ripping and Curling

Today I:

  • Slept in, ignoring my phone several times
  • Went to Michel’s to read a few chapters over coffee
  • Had coffee and an apple slice
  • Read 2 chapters of Ice and Fire
  • Played some Storm
  • Assisted in the removal of the bathroom ceiling
  • Assisted in the covering of a bathroom wall
  • Went to Wet’n’Wild, apologising to Holly for the delay
  • Learned that the 3 slides with originally the Purple rafts were closed due to an excess of water (not joking)
  • Climbed up and slid down the T5
  • Discovered the Bombora was closed indefinitely due to 4 spinal injuries today; Holly was distraught (over the slide closure)
  • Climbed up and slid down the Half Pipe
  • Climbed up intending to slide down the Typhoon, only to learn it was out of order, and sliding the Breakers instead
  • Floated in the wave pool
  • Floated around the lagoon several times
  • Climbed up and slid down the Curler
  • Climbed up and slid down the Double Bowlseye
  • Climbed up and slid down the now-re-opened Typhoon
  • Floated some more in the wave pool
  • Showered, left, got chips and went home

I must try a Fast Pass sometime, because there were people lapping us many times while we were queuing for some of the slides. One day filled with slides and total exhaustion. Maybe to celebrate the end of summer?

Day 110 – Gale-Force Coffee

I like my lazy Sundays.

I slept in till 9am. Well, almost… I woke at 8:30am, confused at why my alarm had not gone off yet. I don’t often feel as rested in the mornings as I did this morning.

I took my time getting ready for Yoga. Class starts at 10:30, so plenty of time. A quick check on Facebook, Twitter and my blog. And a quick shower, which feels odd when I’m only going to get sweaty again, but I just don’t feel right if I don’t have one before I start.

The class was very full this morning. I’m not sure what happened, other than my suspicion that a few of the regulars brought friends. A class that normally consists of 15-ish people was crammed with over 30. Not a big problem, except for a few of the stretches where there wasn’t quite enough room.

I have felt nicely stretched all day.

And then on the way home I always stop for a coffee outside with my Kindle.

I got through 3 chapters, as I built up a nice healthy glow from the hot seemingly gale-force winds sweeping through the outside seating. To be honest it felt kinda nice; as hot as the breeze was it felt cooling as it ruffled through my hair.

As Sansa was learning the finer points of manipulation from Petyr, my coffee nearly took off from its saucer. I spent some time carefully arranging my possessions so that the heaviest were on top of the lightest. Miraculously the dusted chocolate on top of my cappuccino didn’t end up all over my blue shirt.

As Ahsa was manoeuvring to get support for her claim, various parts of the outside seating started flying. One divider toppled, and a few more threatened to follow suit. The ash trays were starting to gain lift, and the containers of sugar packets were rolling around on the floor. A couple of employees ended up dashing around to tidy away anything that might move.

And finally, as Cersei attended a wedding and set a bonfire, Carolyn walked past me and mused aloud whether I’d need tethering to my chair so as not to fly off myself. I don’t think I’m quite that light, but I told her I appreciated the implicit compliment.

The breeze was starting to get uncomfortably warm by this time, so I decided to head home. But not without another cappuccino. I was briefly tempted to sit down again when my order initially got written down as another mug… but the house needed me to clean it. *sigh*

Day 30 – Busy Schedule

Today was one of those days…

7am: The alarm on my phone goes off; usually that means I wake up and catch up on my news-feeds while waiting for the FitBit to also decide to wake me. I haven’t been sleeping so well, so I decide to sleep for that extra half hour this morning.

7.30am: The alarm on my FitBit goes off. I tap madly on my bracelet till it stops buzzing. I consider reading my news-feeds. I close my eyes while trying to steel myself to wake up… and fall back asleep again.

8am: I roll over and realise I have a meeting at 10am that I really do not want to miss. I spend another 15 minutes contemplating the day before I actually decide to wake up.

8.15am: Shower, scales, dress. Then I login to my FitBit account and check how I slept… only to realise my mad tapping apparently didn’t register as a wake-up. I wake up the bracelet anyway and adjust my sleep time in the dashboard. Still only 6.5 hours at best; I don’t seem to sleep anywhere near as much as I always think. I consider making my lunch to take, but I’m in a bit of a rush by now, so I’ll just buy my lunch today.

9am: Time to drive to work, with time for a brief stop along the way at Michel’s to get myself a cappuccino. I decide to be good and have myself a decaf.

9.30am: I arrive at work with enough time to spare for some quick prep for my first meeting. I need to get some sizing details for Atlassian products so that I know what I’m talking about in my Confluence meeting.

10am: I have a meeting to discuss migration onto a more reliable server platform for our Confluence installation. The slot I have set aside is an hour-long, but after about 20 minutes it’s clear we’re on the same page. After finishing the meeting I spend another 15 minutes carefully writing an email to set up the needed actions for the migration. And just enough time to prepare for my next meeting.

11am: A quick meeting to discuss raising a project to do some investigative work on one of our systems. I still have to chase the rest of the invitees separately; some days the world conspires against meetings like these and nobody can turn up. Still, progress is progress, even when it isn’t complete.

11.30am: Between interruptions I start preparing my daily noon catch-up; it is essentially a Scrum meeting without the label.

12pm: At 7 minutes today’s wasn’t the most compact ever, but not far off… I think one time I managed to wrap it up in 5 minutes. Still striving for a new personal best, but there’s just always all this… Stuff!

12.10pm: My next meeting is at 12:30, and looking at the rest of the day, if I do not dash for lunch now, I may not get lunch at all. A quick trip to the local shopping centre and I return with my Sushi; grilled salmon pieces and a vegetable tempura roll.

12.30pm: An online meeting with one of the developers to answer any questions about the presentation he will do next week on Wednesday. Mainly focused on the recording tools, but I hope my suggestions about how to present the content will be some help as well.

13pm: This half hour completely escapes me now. I must have been busy because I was trying to finish something before rushing into my next meeting.

13.30pm: Our weekly Development Managers meeting starting with an hour for security related matters. This was a very long meeting all up, taking close on four hours. But I don’t think we wasted any time along the way, which is a scary thought. By the end I have unfortunately managed to both cancel my gym plans and take Panadol for a building headache. One of these days I’ll get back to the gym again I’m sure!

17.30pm: I leave for home again. Another stop at Michel’s on the way home. Another decaf. After winding down, we have left-overs of last nights’ dinner over Breaking Bad… and now, this post. And then, soon, bed I think.

Day 7 – Home-bound Ritual

With a coffee into the sunset.

On the days I don’t find myself in the gym between work and home, a trip past Michel’s Patisserie is part of my ritual to separate my time from my employers’ time. Also, coffee!

Today I am adding an extra dose of relax with an episode of Dexter. I really should have changed into a t-shirt though, because my button-up shirt is making this feel like a strange mix that still has a certain amount of work.

I guess that can be next, so that dinner is when I switch into home-mode.

And then after dinner I’ll read some more about floating point error… I guess I’m really making a hash of this home-work balance thing today, aren’t I?