Day 188 – Crunchy Crunch Crunch

I had never watched Anchorman before tonight. It is a very strange movie. Also, Steve Carell is very funny playing an idiot (the role he seems to be made to play).

The reason I finally decided to watch it tonight was the discovery of a special limited edition Ben & Jerry’s flavour linked to the release of Anchorman 2. I can happily report that “Crunchy Crunch Crunch” is a delicious flavour worth sampling.

The only caveat on my enjoyment is that the misogyny was decidedly hard to watch. I know it was on-purpose and for comedic effect, and that’s what pulled me through, but it felt uncomfortably like the kind of behaviour and thinking that still runs in places even now. I’m not sure where I stand on the idea that comedy on touchy subjects is fraught with danger. It may normalise ideologies that we should be trying to eradicate. But where is the line where the caricature of reality actually makes fools out of anyone still holding on to these kinds of ideas? Can something just be funny taken out of the context of reality without carrying the crushing weight of history? Where is that line of “too soon”?

It was decidedly ridiculous and funny though.
So I’m choosing to have enjoyed the movie.
Just not entirely unreservedly.

Day 123 – Gravity

I’m a bit late to the game on this one. Gravity is definitely a movie worth seeing. I am not convinced it needed star power to work; no-names would have worked just as well as Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Using them just seemed a little gratuitous in retrospect.

Other than that, it’s a remarkably simple and tense movie.

All but the last few minutes takes place in space. Great black spaces with almost nothing in it except for our big blue marble. And great special effects… fire in space looks absolutely terrifying.

Actually, space looks incredibly terrifying. And painful. The number of times this movie involved slamming hard into metal surfaces without any brakes leaves the impression it’s remarkable astronauts ever return to Earth at all.

Blue Marble
Blue Marble

And yet, for me, the backdrop of our planet was almost the most captivating part. Seeing the lit outlines of civilization across the globe made me feel an intense urge to travel near and far. To go places. Dark and light. It probably taps into the same part of my brain that likes walking at night.

I get that fairly easily though.

When I watch a movie set in New York in winter, all I want is to own a loft apartment in New York over Christmas. When I watch a movie on the beach of a tropical island, all I want is to stay in a cabin on the beach. When I watch a bond movie, I want to go almost anywhere and everywhere.

As long as there is WiFi to blog in between.

Raw Fish Slices
Raw Fish Slices

I was trying to remember all the feelings while I was watching the movie, but then I had dinner and I think I forgot most of the nuance of what was on my mind.

I like sushi train; I like being able to pick just as much as I need to feel full. I briefly considered going to Criniti’s, but I think any meal from there would have been too large before even getting to dessert.

A Small Dessert
A Small Dessert

Which would have been a shame, because I love dessert.

There was a long queue at Max Brenner, but the post-movie conversation was a great distraction. I again exercised restraint and picked a relatively modest dessert. A praline platter with a selection of chocolates.

As I was waiting outside with my number, the staff showed up to ask me which chocolates I wanted. I asked her to surprise me. She checked if I had any allergies, which is a comforting sign. And I was not disappointed. But then, is chocolate ever really disappointing. Even average chocolate is still pretty good, isn’t it? Or was that sex?

All in all, a great thought-provoking and appetizing evening.

Day 116 – Almost Missed It

It is sheer luck that I didn’t forget to blog tonight.

I was halfway through Prometheus, getting some laundry out to hang (I am an expert multi-tasker), and it somehow popped in my head that I had forgotten to do something important. I had a quick panicked look on the clock only to notice I had 30 minutes left.

I briefly wondered what I would have done had I missed it. Catch up with a Mea Culpa? Or take it as a sign to change my blogging premise, and focus on something that will help build a bigger audience?

But who needs audiences really anyway.

Or rather; I don’t need an audience as such for the purpose of my blogging to be satisfied so far. The primary goal I was striving for was to get better at writing, and to try to do something interesting every day. I think I’m succeeding at least at one of those.

I didn’t quite spend today as I had intended. Plan A was to go take pictures at Sculptures By The Sea, but that fell through. Plan B was to see Gravity, which also fell through. So, I executed Plan C for Chores.

I started my day having a stab at cleaning the inside of the car.
It is at least somewhat presentable now that it has slightly less of the dog, and slightly less of my spilled coffee, and slightly less of decades of dust.

Then I decided to shop around for a replacement setup for the living room. I’m getting rid of the PC, and replacing it with a new amplifier and BluRay player for now. I’ll add a QNAP for media-centre back-end at some later date.

Most of the evening went to setting it all up, but I’m quite pleased with the result. Now all the living room needs is wooden floors and a new lounge and I could have guests over without being too embarrassed. 😉

Which then brings me back to Prometheus. My excuse is that I need to test the new set-up. Which is the reason I’m sticking with for now.

Day 65 – RED 2

Strictly speaking, I should have posted this by 8pm to comply with my own rules. But this is my blog, so I can do what I want. Hah! (Also, I was distracted by mathematics for most of the evening, so I lost track of time)

I went to see RED 2 with Ken. Originally Abbey was going to come for the regular Wednesday as well, but she fell asleep before I even left the door. (This may be an exaggeration).

The movie was just as hilariously over-the-top as the original RED proved to be. Where in the original Bruce Willis steps out of a car in the most spectacular fashion, in this movie he gets back into a car in a similar way. It’s action for its own sake, but with a big wink and the most improbable scenes you will ever see in an action movie.

Before all that though, dinner.

My "Small" Dinner
My “Small” Dinner

Abbey had recommended “Griddle” in Rouse Hill. She had warned me about the portion sizes and asked me to convey this message to Ken.

We were stubborn. Twice.

Ken had a long hard look at the ribs on the menu, and never having had lamb ribs before, he decided to try those. He toyed with the idea of getting the double ribs (probably not the triple). What arrived for the single though was two half racks of ribs, and had he picked anything else he’d have needed more than one plate.

My main was a little more modest than his, but very tasty and filling. I understand why Abbey keeps going there.

And also Dessert
And also Dessert

We were a little concerned at 15 minutes before our movie time (we assumed we’d have 30 minutes) that we wouldn’t be able to try dessert. The girl that was serving us suggested that with 30 minutes to spare we could easily fit any dessert and we wouldn’t need to pick for speed.

I decided that “Chocolate Fondue Waffles” sounded innocuous enough.

What I received is the monstrosity you see above. I finished just over half the contents of the platter, and I have no idea how anyone can eat a meal *and* a dessert at this place.

Next time I think I need to bring more hunger along. That is how you solve that particular problem, right?