Day 217 – Yet More Writing

I really should not be setting myself further challenges. I guess I just cannot help myself; I’m a glutton for punishment through terrible ideas.

I was watching Fringe tonight, which is a mixed experience and has nothing directly to do with the terrible idea as such. It was more a catalyst to the idea than anything. It made me think about all the things I’d have done differently… the plot predominantly, or possibly the characters to some extent, because let’s be honest… the science in that show is remarkably unscientific, but it has a certain quirkiness about it that leaves me ready to suspend disbelief to a remarkable extent.

But then my train veered left and thought; why not try to do some writing of my own rather than criticize someone else’s?

I don’t think I’ll write something for public consumption, but I’ve let two NaNoWriMo‘s swoosh by without actually doing anything, and there is no time like the present (year) to make a more concerted effort. Which also leaves me enough time till November to prepare myself a bit better.

I will want to re-listen some of the Writing Excuses podcast to help me get started. And I might want to spend the next 9 months gestating ideas. 50,000 words is the official target. Just under 2000 a day. When I blog I write 200-300 in about 10 minutes, so I may also want to practice spending 2 hours at the keyboard to see if I have the willpower to just write like that.

And I’ll need to break my terrible passive-voice habit.
And possibly clich├ęs?

Also, in an awkward coincidence the first three days of NaNoWriMo overlap with my attendance at PAX in Melbourne this year. I’m not sure if that will offer inspiration, but I am hopeful.