Day 298 – Shouldered Burden

68 – 100 no-equipment workouts

Physically, today is off to a tough start.

I’m not sure whether it was intentional or not, but this morning my two classes instructed by Nikki were very heavy on the upper body, and specifically the shoulders. My Saturday morning routine consists of a 30 minute class at 9:30am, then a stroll on the treadmill to recover, and then another 30 minute class at 10:30am.

I barely made it through the shoulder exercises in my second class.
Nikki was laughing.
I suspect it wasn’t entirely an accident.

I nearly dozed off with my Kindle and my coffee at Michel’s. The second time I almost fell asleep I decided this was a sign for me to do the shopping and go home.

The shopping list was longer than I expected. Late mothers-day-shoppers forced me to park further away than I normally do. The bags I ended up with were heavier than expected. I had to stop 5 times along the way to the car to let my shoulders relax and my hands recover.

I’ve been napping and heat-packing ever since I got home. I think it is paying off. My shoulders feel like they’ll survive. I hope I’ll be up to my Yoga tomorrow.

Day 74 – Lazy Day… Really

Today I feel completely lazy.

Most of the day I have been very passive, and still my eyes feel like I should be sleeping instead. I know they are lying, because I napped for at least an hour and half in the middle of the day. And I actually slept plenty last night.

The day even started late with my morning coffee at 11-ish. I got some new nasal spray to deal with the inevitable fallout of a windy day like this. It makes my hay fever flare up, but I’m all set now.

Two episodes of Breaking Bad season 3 didn’t do much for my activity level either. And then I spent an hour in bed reading A Song of Ice and Fire part 319, whilst trying to stare out the window for wandering passers-by. This is when I fell asleep, so if there were any wanderers, I probably missed them.

And now I’m sitting at my computer procrastinating and daydreaming.

I need to do something for my energy levels.

Maybe I should go for a walk soon and see if that kick-starts my brain into doing something. Otherwise I’m afraid this day will just be a lazy write-off.