Day 345 – Cooking with Gas

21 – GT 2014 Restaurant Guide: The Top 100

In life, our minds seem predominantly pre-occupied with two things.
Both deal with survival at a fundamental level; that’s perhaps a reason.

In the case of food, this might explain why there is a never-ending parade of new cooking shows on the television. Perhaps this also explains why we take so many Instagrams of our food. Perhaps this explains why despite not really thinking about my food a great deal, I still feel a deep-seated longing to do something more with food.
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Day 227 – Broken Ice and Bells

Please be gentle with me weekend!

As it stands I have to re-do the Elderflower/Lime ice cream a *third* time. I had neither realised nor credited the critical importance of sugar to sorbet. Apparently it spells the difference between nice scoopable sorbet and big chunks of chisel-only ice in the freezer.

There is so much yet to learn.

I just had a semi-nap through part of Nerdist, which means that A: I feel slightly more human, B: I missed part of the discussion with Broken Bells. I enjoyed the track closing the episode. I’ll have to take some time to listen to a whole album this weekend.


Even so, I think I’ll sleep early. I want to wake well-rested tomorrow, then return home well-wasted from the gym and take it from there.