Getting to 10k at Night

I went out for a walk tonight to get to my 10k steps for the day. I also took the camera with me to try to take some night shots freehand.

I need some more practice at one of these two things; and my bracelet buzzed as I got back to the car, so you can guess which of the two turned out sub-par!

Nevertheless, below are the results with some commentary on each image.

Day 73 – Indirect Traffic

Go, Slow, Stop
Go, Slow, Stop

I wish the component images had been a little sharper; I clearly didn’t check closely enough. I was waiting for the lights as I was crossing the road on my late night walk tonight, and my eye was drawn to the bright colouring of the traffic lights on the school sign. At first I thought I’d slice it in thirds and composite a single sign from the three colours, but I think I like it better this way because it captures the light on the trees and footpath as well.

Day 68 – BBQ Lizard

A squeaky kind of general excitement called me out into the back yard today. I was just unpacking the dishwasher and was loath to walk away from the task before I finished it.

I got pointed in the direction of what I will generously call the barbecue, which is a rusted hot-plate over a recess built into the retaining wall in the back yard.


We don’t actually use it as a barbecue.

The source of the excitement was hidden deep in the shade of the hot plate. I had to set up really close and zoom in to get an exposure that didn’t completely blow-out in the foreground.

Blue Tongue Lizard Specimen (slightly cooked)
Blue Tongued Lizard Specimen (slightly cooked)

This Blue Tongued Lizard specimen was sitting atop a log with its back pressed to what must have been a fairly hot plate. You could easily mistake it for a snake from this angle.

For a sample of where its name comes from (I wasn’t lucky enough to get it to show us), check out Wikipedia for a picture of a similar specimen.

Anyway; apparently now we need to put snails and pieces of banana near this hideout at night. Because that is what we do to creatures in our backyard. (Sorry snails, you are expendable).

Day 66 – Moon over the M7

Moon over the M7
Moon over the M7

I took dozens of long-exposure pictures on the tripod so I had a choice of car-light-trails. This one appealed the most to me. There is also a little cheat in here; the moon was photo-shopped in from a separate second image because the moon is actually too bright to get a nice detailed exposure. Street lights may actually look bright, but they are nothing when compared to the moon. Unexpected, but true.

Kindle in the Sunshine

I relaxed today with my copy of A Song of Ice and Fire on the Kindle. I decided rather than just collapsing on the bed it would be nice to leave the house and read in the sunshine, so I did…