Training – I Ama Ze Moon

My Lean Six-Sigma Yellow Belt training was very interesting. Well worth the two days invested, even if it meant arriving home at 10pm on a Friday. I kinda want to get some more Six-Sigma training now, because I can see all kinds of applications of this knowledge.


Not the same instructor please…

It is a testament to the interest of the topic that 12 hours of having slides read to me hasn’t dulled the experience for me. And the digressions, dear god, the digressions. Had I had a fork, I would now have no eyes.

Then, something struck me about the speech patterns of the “facilitator”.
They seemed eerily familiar to me.
Sort of Noel Fielding-esque…

I had a few moments where it was hard to keep a straight face as the facilitator butchered his way through some badly explained mathematics; the resemblance to The Moon was so striking.

Still, I’d prefer a facilitator that can actually bring the material.

Day 29 – And the Crowd Goes Wild

I did my two presentations today, after much preparation both yesterday and on the weekend to get everything polished and all the tools ready in place to go.

I have to make a small correction on tools; CamStudio looked like a decent option, but it is incredibly tricky to set up so that it captures both the microphone and the system sound.

I can really recommend Microsoft Expression Encoder 4; there is a Pro edition, but I believe due to its cancellation the free download is now the full Pro version. Regardless, very much worth a try, because it is incredibly easy to use and integrates amazingly well with Windows. If you’re on Mac looking for free tools, obviously you came to the wrong blog 😉

Other than a mad scramble this morning to get all the tools sorted, the sessions themselves were very successful. I did 10 minutes on how to present a 10-minute session (I love the meta), and another 10 minutes on basic operation of Confluence. Out of 35 invitees, at least 20+ showed up for the session and a number sent apologies requesting whether I could record the session and distribute. It always feels good when it turns out that I’ve managed to plan beyond people’s expectations.

There was a lot of enthusiasm afterward, and there are many more job-specific topics to get through. I think it has managed to set the right tone to easily keep this rolling though. And future sessions should not need nearly as much of my time to keep moving.

All in all, a good conclusion to this particular quest.

Presentation Screen Recording

I am doing some research and preparation for some presentations I want to do at work and then record for later (re-)use.

I believe the gold standard is still TechSmith Camtasia, but that’s not exactly the cheapest product to set up. It looks like their other product, SnagIt, does an equally good job if only recording is needed, but it is still not free.

I think I’ll give the freeware CamStudio a try; it looks very bare-bones, but the recording quality seems to be pretty good. If smaller files are needed later, post-processing in Camtasia is still an option.

I also thought I’d find a countdown timer, because I have a terrible sense of time once I am presenting. I have dual monitors, so I could easily hide the timer on the second screen and then share the main screen.

There are lots of free timers, but I lean a little sceptical with regards to countdown timers that need 2.5MB to install. I mean… really? Strictly speaking Orzeszek Timer at 109kb is probably also a bit large, but it gives me a little more confidence that it’s probably nothing more than just a simple timer.

Tomorrow I’ll set some time aside for a practice run with all my tools and my topics. I bet I will have to do some refining before Wednesday.