Day 175 – Wet’n’Cold = Awesome

Just a quickie today because I want to rug up on the lounge and watch TV with some dinner… I’m a bit chilled from the end of my adventure this evening.

I decided to find out whether the crowd really disappears at Wet’n’Wild when the weather is less hospitable. 22 Degrees. Overcast. Light breeze. Perfect.

It turns out, this is very effective. If you have a pass, and you want a solid day of water-slides under your belt, the best thing to do is to suck up the shivers and go for it. When I arrived at the park at about 7pm, there were virtually no queues on any of the slides.

The racers were running only 4 out of 8 tubes, and I could run straight up to the top. The tower with the purple rafts only had a queue on the blue slide; green had maybe two groups waiting at the top, and red had literally no queue at all… literally; we saw 2-3 rafts fill on blue and green each, and in that time nobody showed up for the red slide.

Even the major slides with normally the biggest queues didn’t have a long line. We found ourselves in the longest line, which took all of 15 minutes. The blue slide (no thanks!) had people running straight all the way to the top, and the red slide had a queue of about 3-4 rafts waiting at the top.

The only down-side; once it gets dark, it gets too cold very quickly.

Still, my recommendation if you have a season pass; go on a cold day for the slides. On a day like today you can easily get in 5-10 rides an hour depending on which slide you pick. On sunny days the big three at the front have queues that can take 50-60 minutes to go once.

And when you want to go for a relax and a tan, pick a sunny day and arrive early if you want a space on the lawn near the beach. Sunny days are always packed.