Day 270 – Selfie

96 – 100 #selfies on Instagram

I don’t have any deep insights myself into the subject of Selfies. For that I wish I could link to an excellent essay I’ve read recently, but alas, it does not exist in linkable form.

I have however been experimenting with the format myself.


Well, not exactly.

Not the unadulterated format.

I just don’t feel like pictures of myself would be worth sharing, so I am taking “Halfies” instead; a picture that shows at least as much of my environment as it does of me as a way to provide mutual visual context between me and my actions. Also, it seems like a fun exercise.

Tonight I am ripping some more of my DVDs onto Plex, while three Oatmeal posters adorn the wall in the background. Their hanging had been a long time coming; I should now know how to use a semicolon, when to use i.e. in a sentence, and how to pet a kitty correctly.