Day 59 – The Game is Afoot

As promised… some more on The Sherlock Homes. So far our (mine and my manager-peers’) favourite lunch-haunt, worth a re-visit on each trip! Located a few blocks away from Southern Cross Station on Collins Street, it’s an easy walk when you’re already in the CBD.

We arrived without booking (as usual) to a very full pub (as usual) putting on our puppy eyes for a table (as usual). We arrived at 12:15 and were given the option to take a table they needed back by 1pm, or to sit at the bar with a drink waiting for a spot to open.

We wholeheartedly accepted the challenge “if you think the kitchen is up for it”. We are very decisive managers after all.

2013-09-13 - Table PleaseOur table

We briefly looked at the specials menu (less than 20 seconds), made our choices, and called over the very surprised co-owner to place our order straight away. Two lamb roasts, a curry, two ciders and some kind of dark beer I can never remember… was it a Kilkenny? I just don’t know. I blame the cider.

Next we spent about 30 minutes sipping our drinks and talking and waiting for lunch to arrive.

When we finally saw our meals appear on the kitchen counter (right near our table), the staff had a brief confused moment trying to locate table 7, to which I waved from 3 feet away which made her look somewhat sheepish but grateful.

2013-09-13 - CiderMy Drink

As always, the food was great.

The cider was great.

The trip back to the office was an exuberant semi-stagger.

And the remaining 2 hours before we had to leave for our flights just whooshed by.