Day 6x6x6 – Compression

And so I dropped from one extreme into the other.

I’m trying to remember what I did today, but for the life of me I cannot tease apart the tangle that was my workday today. I know there was plenty in it; 8 hours in fact, and I categorised them into my time sheet as the day went past. But I could not say what each hour was about now.

Nominally there is this thing called a Calendar which presents me with a serving suggestion for my workday. It’ll tell me what meetings I must make. It’ll tell me what meetings I can ignore. It’ll tell me what meetings I’d like to make if at all possible.

Today my day and my calendar were so far divorced from each other as to be indistinguishable from perfectly random noise.

Ah, the life of a manager… 🙂

I was trying to work information entropy into this somehow as well as a reference to Shannon’s information theory, but it felt too hacky, so I’ll leave it as a mere incompressible footnote.

Day 153 – Twelve Days of Rush-Mas

So far I have managed to dodge the bullet. I haven’t had to go out into the crazy. But the longer it lasts, the closer it gets, the worse it will be when I inevitably do.

I wonder if eventually this is the death-knell for local retailers here in Australia. They are already continuously whining about the fact overseas purchases under $1000 are exempt from taxation on importation… but if they think it’s merely that 10% that’s stopping us from buying locally, they are kidding themselves.

In many cases online easily saves 40-50% or more.

And it’s not merely price either; often things can be had online that simply are not available locally. Sometimes there is stock where there is none in the shops.

Or sometimes you do not need to queue in an insane line.

If I could do all my Christmas shopping sitting in the convenience of my home, I wouldn’t care where it was shipping from. And I don’t think there are many Australians that’d feel differently. Convenience always wins out, because out there *waves hands* is almost like psychological torture now.

Much better to relax into Christmas from the PC.

Day 151 – Penalty Rates

Running over-time now. The Gingerbread House should have arrived at the party round about now, but we’re still putting on a few more finishing touches.

Partial Roof
Partial Roof

It’s not quite as complete as I would have made it, had I had more time, but I’m happy with the result of my first attempt at building Gingerbread.

Roof Complete, and Pool Filled
Roof Complete, and Pool Filled

Tiling the roof was a lot more effort than I had anticipated, but worth doing well. Now I think I may need a massage to get the knots back out of my shoulders from all the hunched-over tiling I did.

Does this mean I need to start driving a ute and wearing work boots?