Day 264 – Gain and Loss

I didn’t get to bed till about 2am last night. I got sucked in by my movie/tv spread sheet, and The Stubborn got the better of me. I added release years to most of the 650 lines of movie entries on my sheet, and researched Amazon and eBay prices for most of the series I am interested in.

As I fell into bed, I knew I had to be up and awake again by 10, because I had committed to being able to open the front door for The Hired Help (Abbey’s parents). I wasn’t looking forward to my Flex trying to wake me at 7:30, and then my phone trying again at 8:15. I could have made it 9:00, but then I’d have to rush my wake-up routine to be ready in case of early arrivals.

I wasn’t surprised to feel unimpressed at my Flex. My eyes did that burny-groggy thing that means I need to shut them again. I rolled onto my front and hid my face in the pillow; this usually is a bad idea for my neck, but 45 minutes wasn’t going to kill me. I couldn’t really sleep any more, but just letting my mind wander slowly through the essentials of the day is as good a way as any to prepare for the inevitable.

At 8:15 I dutifully got up, checked the email for any unclaimed Nigerian millions, my eBay listing for yet more untold riches unfolding, and Facebook for signs of a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow. A quick shower later (this isn’t as straightforward as it sounds, but that’s another story), and I was sitting back in front of the PC with my sandwiches and a glass of water.

I felt better than I had anticipated.

After Abbey’s mum arrived it became clear almost immediately, why. I had completely not realised that the clock was moving this weekend. I had slept an hour longer than I thought I had. A whole 6-and-a-half! Luxury!

I’ve spent the better portion of today ripping some movies and series to the QNAP, in between reading, doing shopping runs, and listening to pod-casts.

In the process of all this cataloguing I have come to realise that despite the impressive stacks of discs, all is not as it should be. I know for sure that I have a copy of Amelie, I had at least one season of Pushing Daisies, and my Galaxy Quest is also nowhere to be found. I have searched the house for a hidden cache, to no avail. I may have to interrogate Abbey next, because she’s the prime suspect at this stage. If that doesn’t yield anything I may have to do a grid-search and dig up the yard to find where they are buried.


…I guess I could just buy whatever cannot be found and pretend like I never had it in the first place. I added a new “Loaned to” column to the spread sheet, because it isn’t entirely impossible that some of these discs were loaned out and all parties involved have long-since forgotten. The honour-system only works when everyone has perfect memories; alas, a fatal flaw.

I’ve been trying to arrange my thoughts for a technical post, but I’ve also come to the realisation that my multitasking-habit is getting in the way of solid thinking. I’ve gotten so used to 1) listening to a pod-cast or watching an episode, while 2) casually half-reading a web-page or RSS feed, whilst trying to 3) do the productive thing I am meant to be doing… I think I do it to try and make the most of my weekend. Because relaxation is something one multi-tasks, right?

I’m going to have to un-learn that bad habit.
Focus on one thing at a time on my weekend.
I bet I’ll feel more fulfilled by the end of my weekends.

My next holiday over Easter/ANZAC-day can be no-multi-task-bootcamp. My first hurdle to clear is to avoid the panic over the feeling my holiday won’t be productive. I’m going to have to let that be part of the point of the exercise. Maybe I’ll go to Wet’n’Wild on days where the urge to be productive is the highest; a form of shock-therapy as you will.

Day 189 – Shower Rod

This is Where One Fishes, Right?
This is Where One Fishes, Right?

I don’t fish. Not unless someone baits my hook and deals with whatever might end on it for me. I enjoy the peace and quiet of standing at the water well enough, and holding a rod is kinda relaxing at the same time… but fishing as such is just not for me.

Abbey went for a nice fishing trip today. She brought a whole bunch of gear along and trekked off while I was relaxing, reading my book and drinking a glass of wine.

Alas, no luck with the fish.

I was a little surprised by what I found in the shower later in the evening though. I have to assume that this is the usual way in which one cleans the rod after use. I have no other information to go on.

I hope it’s out of the way in the morning when I shower, because there are places I don’t want the hook to accidentally end up.

Day 187 – Ripping and Curling

Today I:

  • Slept in, ignoring my phone several times
  • Went to Michel’s to read a few chapters over coffee
  • Had coffee and an apple slice
  • Read 2 chapters of Ice and Fire
  • Played some Storm
  • Assisted in the removal of the bathroom ceiling
  • Assisted in the covering of a bathroom wall
  • Went to Wet’n’Wild, apologising to Holly for the delay
  • Learned that the 3 slides with originally the Purple rafts were closed due to an excess of water (not joking)
  • Climbed up and slid down the T5
  • Discovered the Bombora was closed indefinitely due to 4 spinal injuries today; Holly was distraught (over the slide closure)
  • Climbed up and slid down the Half Pipe
  • Climbed up intending to slide down the Typhoon, only to learn it was out of order, and sliding the Breakers instead
  • Floated in the wave pool
  • Floated around the lagoon several times
  • Climbed up and slid down the Curler
  • Climbed up and slid down the Double Bowlseye
  • Climbed up and slid down the now-re-opened Typhoon
  • Floated some more in the wave pool
  • Showered, left, got chips and went home

I must try a Fast Pass sometime, because there were people lapping us many times while we were queuing for some of the slides. One day filled with slides and total exhaustion. Maybe to celebrate the end of summer?