Split Once More – Fully Sick

I’m going to give separating the more techy-businessy content from my blog another try. I hear good things about Medium and my employer is going to start a tech-blog on it as well, so this seems as good a time as any to plunge into the depths.

My Medium profile can be found at: https://medium.com/@jerryjvl (no posts yet)

And my “publication” is at https://medium.com/zeroes-and-ones-all-the-way-down (also no posts yet), and will hopefully move into a sub-domain here soon.

I’m feeling half-fine-half-unsettled-half-bored today. The reason I have found time to set up Medium and write this post is my semi-mystery illness.

As I was driving to my scheduled massage yesterday afternoon, I developed a stomach ache. I didn’t think more of it than I might have had too much of the candy from the new bowl I got gifted at work. A good massage is sufficiently painful that I didn’t notice the pain get worse.

Pins and needles and other sharp things in the abdomen are not fun. Abbey quickly drove me to the doctor as a precautionary measure, and as I was sitting in the waiting room the pain mostly subsided again. The doctor didn’t find anything, but did note I had a temperature and suggested flu. It felt like flu by then.

Home again, sweating on the lounge, extra painkillers before bed.

Then I woke up this morning, all flu-symptoms gone again, but the pain in my abdomen back, albeit less severe. Through the day I’ve had two milder recurrences of the pain, and the best guess currently is that I ate something that didn’t agree with me.

Not what I anticipated for my Friday, and it’ll screw with my weekend too.

But maybe I’ll get some more writing done?

Day 286 – Healthy Hogwash

80 – The 100 Greatest Cures You Cant Have

I didn’t even need to follow the link to know what I’d find at the other end. Listening to the Skeptoid podcast is a great way to develop a sixth sense about such things.

The description of the book sounds like the typical “the medical-industrial-complex is keeping back the real cures so they can profit from our sickness” nonsense. But just to be sure I went to the “Health Sciences Institute” website.

As it turns out, this site is a “service” that in exchange for a membership fee will give you access to knowledge of all the real cures Big-Pharma have been keeping from us. The author of the book also proves to helpfully be the sole director of this institute.

I have no doubt that there are many systemic problems in the US healthcare system, but I doubt that any organisation would ever hold back a real cure if it existed. Plenty of people are sick… and the competitive advantage of curing what others cannot would quickly see the release of all these supposed suppressed cures.

I also really don’t have a problem with anyone freely choosing to waste their money. But sadly this kind of scam targets low-information buyers first-and-foremost with the promise of a cheaper or better solution. And as always… the only real solution to a problem like this is to educate the population to a level where they cannot be taken in by such a scam.

Day 76 – Migraine

There is clearly something very wrong with me, and I’m not talking about the migraine I have.

My first thought looking at the glass of water and two Panadol on the night stand was to adjust the glass to improve the composition so I could take a decent shot for today’s post (see header image on homepage).

And with that, I’m going to go back to bed.

Later world!