Day 96 – Court Photographer

I spent yesterday and this morning documenting Margret’s 60th birthday party. I got some excellent shots along the way. I also got a pile of over 1500 pictures in total.

So, for the past 4 hours I have combed through the high-quality RAW images, trying to come to a manageable choice to present to Facebook and then make a smaller choice for a post.

It’s almost midnight and I’m still not quite done!

So, this is a post more by way of apology than anything. The pictures post will still be a little further delayed, but it looks like I’m now rapidly approaching the finishing line. I’ll probably put a non-365 post up just past midnight with some of the better pictures that I do not have to seek clearance for 😉

It’s been a big job, but a very enjoyable one. Especially seeing some tricky razor-sharp ones in the lot is very gratifying.