Day 201 – End and Beginning

I feel spacey.

A little like I’m drugged.

Extrapolating from an earlier step-count, I am guessing that today involved around 70k-80k steps. My legs hurt. My ass hurts. My brain does not care. It was too much fun.

Back to work tomorrow.

I have no idea how I will go.

I’m going to crash into turbulent dreams shortly. I will wake, most definitely sore, possibly incapable of movement. If I make it out of bed, work will be interesting. If I make it to 4pm without crashing I’ll be happy.

I guess I need a day to catch up with 3 weeks of email triage.

I have no idea what awaits.

If I did, I don’t know that it’d make any difference.

Day 129 – I Don’t Feela-like-Walkin’

I can see my step count steadily sliding down the chart.

Unless I take up pacing up-and-down the hallway for a hobby, I can’t see me getting much walking in when the weather is what it is.

There are exactly two circumstances in which I don’t mind walking in the rain:

  1. When it is on my way home where a hot shower is waiting
  2. When someone is specifically in the rain braving it with me

So, unless anyone volunteers?


Thought so!

I’ve found a few rainy songs for the occasion.