Day 45 – Work BBQ

Alas, once again no picture. The moment I realised the work BBQ would be the best story for the day, everything had already been packed up.

So instead, I’ll ask you to imagine the following… It’s a sunny 29 degree day in Sydney. The CEO is in town, which is always an ideal occasion to have a social lunch at the same time.

Today’s feast: rolls, BBQ tandoori chicken, sausages, rissoles, beetroot, salads, mint sauce.

I get there relatively early so there is no queue, and I end up enjoying my meal in the shade at the table with 4 managers one level above me. I tend to not pay too much attention to that kind of thing, so it’s not really relevant to the day or my story.

Sorry, nothing scandalous happened.

Then I get up, chat a bit with my boss and the CEO in the sunshine before discovering there is dessert also.

I really should have had a picture of this, because I have no idea what it was. They were donutty balls with a hint of spice and cardamom in some delicious liquid… with vanilla ice cream. And since there was way too much of everything left over, I helped. I’m sure the scales will tell me off for my mistake tomorrow, but today I’m fine at least.

It was very tempting to stay out in the sun, but then work rudely called out its siren song.

Next time I promise to have my phone camera to hand.

Addendum: per Sin’s comment below, it’s totally Gulab Jamun (<- link to image search).