Day 344 – Ink

22 – The 100 best video game tattoos

I’m not a tattoo aficionado by any definition of the word.
I’ve never seriously considered getting one.

I mean… I have been drawn to the idea. I am sure you and I both have contemplated what it might look like to put pictures over our bodies. Perhaps thinking it might define us in some way. Perhaps thinking SEGA is forever. Perhaps because we think it’ll make us part of a cool crowd with all the hot people in it.

But I was never ready to take the leap; caution in the face of the permanent. A few years back I read a very good article calling for caution as well. I cannot recall the publication it was in, nor its exact wording. But the gist was a woman retelling how she got a tattoo at an early age and regretted doing so. But rather than removing the tattoo, the regret itself gave it meaning she wanted to keep.

The symbol became a symbol of the reason it had no meaning to her.

And it got me thinking.
And now I want a tattoo.
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