Day 283 – So Much Stuff

83 – 100 Tips to Declutter Your Life

I was happy to find a few pages with relevant tips today.

Keeping things tidy, regardless of whether it is at home or at work, is a lot of effort. The best tip in the lot is to not focus on specific techniques to keep organised, but rather to create habits that lead to organisation. Habits are automatic where techniques require a conscious effort.

I thought I already had a fairly comprehensive set of tidying habits, but one that I had not yet mastered (possibly because it’s a big one), is to not let anything into the house without taking a moment to consider what it’s value is, and whether I should even keep it at all.

I have to admit, I’m guilty of mindlessly accepting flyer, and then stacking them somewhere. The stacks turn into piles. The piles start roaming the house. And they mock me and glare at me. When I’m trying to relax.

Same goes for mail, receipts, magazines… all the things that seem so small and simply individually, but that turn into insurmountable problems over time. Once it’s a stack to be cleaned, it is daunting to even contemplate checking each item, assessing its value, and then tossing what I don’t need.

On top of that it is hard to let go of something once collected. I have toyed with the idea of month-labelled boxes, putting stuff in them, and then when the month comes around again tossing whatever is left in them. If I didn’t need it for a whole year, odds are I’ll never need it again anyway.

It’s just…

Where do I keep the boxes?

Oh, and one little practical tip that really appealed to me is for tidying the house: rather than picking things up and taking them to where they belong… pick up everything in a room and drop it into a basket, then take the basket around the house to put stuff away. It saves on a lot of time and effort walking up-and-down the hallway. I’m going to have to give this a shot. It also gives the instant satisfaction of cleaning out a target area in one go.

Day 179 – Switching Over

And just like that, I’m into holiday mode. I didn’t get as much done today as I had intended, but I had a very good day relaxing.

First thing I did was half wake-up and cancel my 9:30 gym session to sleep in late, which was a very good investment, and Nikki wasn’t back from her own holiday yet, so she’ll never know I skipped out on my Cardio. I still went to a 10:30 class of Centergy (Yoga + Pilates) as a trial, and because I have a duty to support Holly’s fitness goals 😉 Also, she returned the cooler bag that the lethal Chocolate-Chilli had come in, so now she’s eligible for a re-fill of something when I make another few batches through my holidays.

And then I went home and did a bit of cleaning and washing.

I had hoped to take a bunch of pictures of some surplus-to-requirements computer gear, an amp and my last mobile phone to put them on eBay, but that got delayed to tomorrow sometime. As long as I get some of that out of the way in the first weekend, I’ll feel like I’ve done enough chores to have earned some fun.

Although, I think I’ll be taking an early dose in the form of some more Wet’n’Wild tomorrow morning. I’m really getting my value out of the season pass I bought. Been on almost all the slides so far, so I might be able to complete the set tomorrow.