Day 302 – Distractions

64 – The 100 best games of all time

I feel bloated and ready to burst, which means it must be a Wednesday night.

It’s so hard to resist the cheese and cider before dinner. Then it’s so hard to resist the Crust Pizza for dinner. I ate so much that there isn’t even room to think of dessert right now.

I had a great game of Ticket To Ride tonight; the losing score was a healthy 120-something, I won with 3 points shy of 200. It’s definitely my personal best. And then I got over-confident for Carcassonne; I thought I had Ken trumped with my farming, but the significance of a few of his final moves had escaped me. I should have paid more attention, but I’m blaming his strategic “cooking” for my loss.

Wednesdays are definitely a great way to forget everything that is weighing on my mind in the middle of the week. Sadly I bet my mind will be mulling again by the time it hits the pillow. Soon now. Because I’m very tired, and I doubt I’ll get enough sleep yet.

Day 288 – Gluttony and Other Joys

78 – 100 TIPS TO SLIM

Tip 1 – do not have Wednesdays like I do.

Seriously, don’t.

On Wednesdays, friends gather in the evening… we have snacks… we eat dinner… we play boardgames… and we talk. We always eat too much like we’re trying to win a competition.

We had some nice raspberries, various cheeses, Pringles and chocolate to get us started today. For three people. (We never know beforehand how large the group gets; anywhere from 3 to 6 is typical).

And then I “cooked” by ordering Thai food on Menulog. I think there are two more dinners left over in the fridge, but even then, I have such a hard time not eating more when the food is so tasty. The Massaman Curry was tender and delicious. The Chicken/Cashew-something-or-other Curry almost as much so.

As I sat watching Ken and Abbey finish their dinner, I felt bloated bordering on sick. Occupational hazard. Now I’m just afraid to step on the scales before I go to bed.

If I don’t weigh myself, I don’t really weigh anything, do I?

Day 232 – Inbetween Machines

Dell outdid themselves. Under-promise, over-deliver, indeed!
They quoted me 5-6 business days from the Outlet Store when I placed my order on Monday. This Wednesday evening I’m in possession of a shiny new XPS 15 (slightly refurbished (allegedly, because I cannot tell that it’s ever been out of its box before)).

Between the arrival of a new laptop and the usual Wednesday festivities it’s already very late as I write this, so I’m going to keep it brief. The only things I will say is: 15″ laptop looks huge after using 11″ for such a long time, and Cards Against Humanity remains the most inappropriate party game ever invented.

Hopefully I can manage to consolidate all my personal computing into this one new machine over the weekend.
And try a game or two, to see how it performs, since that’s been the biggest wild-card in the whole decision.

Day 204 – Catan Again

We used to play Catan a lot on Wednesdays.
It has been a while.

Plain Settlers
Plain Settlers

We used to play it with All The Expansions, because if X is a good thing, then All-The-X is even better. It plays a lot quicker when you’ve just got 3 players and the base set only.

It was fun.
But I won, so I might be biased.

Now my brain needs to switch off.
(It may already have… goodnight)

Oh, also… for the observant… we had to improvise on the robber because for some reason the shrink-wrapped box came without the appropriate piece. The role of the robber was played by a nice black nail polish for the occasion.

Day 176 – Creationism

Aside; tonight was the first properly mixed GnT I’ve had. In the past I have had beverages that contained Gin and Tonic, but in rather arbitrary proportions and quality. I kinda like it when it’s done right. And my whiskey stones help keep it adequately dry.

Tonight we played Creationary: the game I got for Christmas. Basically this is Pictionary in the medium of Lego.

You get a random assignment, and then you keep building till someone guesses what you are making.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds.
This is harder than it sounds even if you already take into account that it is harder.

A sort of Hansom Cab
A sort of Hansom Cab

My first assignment was to make a sort of Hansom Cab. With the pictures on the cards it is deceptively easy to think it’ll be trivial to just duplicate the image. This isn’t always the best strategy. A certain amount of impressionism can do the job very effectively.

It involves an attempt to distil the image down to its key features; it needs to have wheels, it needs to have the covered seat, and it needs the driver seat. Okay. And then you need to find pieces that are sufficiently close to actually represent that break-down. Which can be insanely tough.

Abbey's Bat
Abbey’s Bat

The bat Abbey made, depicted above, is a very good example of some impressionism. The images come in categories, so we knew it was broadly “nature”, but nothing more than that. At some point the failed attempts to get odd angles along the way may give a clue in their own right. But even so, the guessing is possibly even harder than the building. Flailing blindly for things of the right colour in the selected category, hoping to hit close enough that the builder might figure out how to adjust the creation to get it over the line.

The boom gate looked like a laser cannon and an ambulance.
The barbecue looked like railway tracks or a trellis.
The scorpion looked like a car or an ant.

It’s fun though.
Challenges are fun.

Day 155 – Finishing Wednesdays

Tonight was the last Wednesday Night Regulars for the year. As of next week, Mr. Ken will be away for XMAS and NYE.

But that’s okay, because he brought very nice Champagne for the occasion, so he is forgiven. And he obliged with two games of 7 Wonders, both of which I lost; once to Abbey and once to Ken. But I had fun.

And we had Upper Crust pizza from Crust, which is excellent.

Black Bean Burrito
Black Bean Burrito

Behold the Black Bean Burrito; a spicy vegetarian combination sliced into 8 pieces, each served with a dollop of Avocado Salsa.

Pulled Pork & Slaw
Pulled Pork & Slaw

And the Pulled Pork & Slaw; shredded salty/tasty pork sliced into 8 pieces, each served with a dollop of Coleslaw and Pear.

One thing that never fails to impress is how close to the sales images on the site the actual finished product arrives. And edible too!

Day 106 –

Been a busy day so far.

It’s almost time to head off to Ken’s for Wednesday. I’ll take pictures and report back later. A hunt through Coles has provided me the requisite dips, cheeses, chocolate, crackers and a drink. The board games we’ll need are already at Ken’s, and dinner will probably be ordered in upon arrival.

My normal scheduled programming should return tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience! Please Hold… Your Readership is Important to Me.
*cue the faint bland elevator music*


Last Wednesday we had our usual Wednesday-night-games again after a brief hiatus forced by my Melbourne trip. Ken arrived just as I finished up my 365 post for Wednesday.

Cheese and Fruit
Cheese and Fruit

We had our usual cheese and fruit to start.

We had Thai food from the local restaurant.

We had Alhambra for our game of the night.

Keeper of the Seraglios
Keeper of the Seraglios

And I managed to collect the most Seraglios, as for some reason I almost always seem to do. They are of little value early in the game, which makes them easy to collect for big gains later. Bring Me All The Women! 😉

I think I managed to have a particularly good run this time though… I didn’t think I was having much luck collecting money, yet my Alhambra was growing quicker than those of Ken and Abbey.


For any connoisseurs; we went around the track past 120, which is the only reason we’re so low on the track. The field wasn’t very widely spread either.

We did a lot of mutual overtaking, but I managed to stay ahead in the end.

The Winning City
The Winning City

Admire my winning city in its full glory; an excess of internal walls this time, and some extra walls from one of our many extensions (we have the Big Box set with all 20 extensions to the main game).