#PAXAUS – Day 1

I bought our tickets many many months ago. I think almost as soon as they became available. They are just too much of a bargain to take risks with how long they will be available.

If you want to ask me “What’s a Pax?” – go over to Penny Arcade, read some comics, and maybe watch a video or two. A PAX is essentially a glorious celebration of amalgamated nerd culture. Over a three day weekend, there are panels on many varied topics, a show floor for PC, console, handheld hardware and games, board games, and many places to play and try a little bit of everything.

All set on the south bank of Melbourne, with all the food, and entertainment, and gas torches.

We’re now at the end of day one, and it just doesn’t feel like there is enough time to get to everything. Too many sessions. I am on average triple-booked throughout the day. I need more time to see all the great cosplaying. I need more time to play all the games.

Or perhaps a better filter. As great as the event is overall, it is not all equally great. I’ve been in two panels that felt a bit under-prepared. Like the host had had a great idea for a session, suggested it, got accepted, and then didn’t do any work to put together a cohesive set of questions and a narrative digging into the material. Which is a shame, because I was looking forward to the sessions on diversity in games.

And although Mike didn’t manage to make it to Australia this year, Jerry (Holkins) is firing on all cylinders like always. I like his words. He puts them in order in the most fantastic way. I need to figure out if there is something I could ask him to sign on my pass. I am leaning towards “A Second Naked Kris Straub” at the moment for reasons I cannot adequately explain outside of the context of the game of Quiplash I witnessed. I could easily listen to him all day.

I had a specific request lined up for Mike as well. Something from First 15 that I thought would go well on a T-shirt, but I will have to forego that privilege for now.

Maybe that was more to assuage my guilt over not knowing what either Mike or Jerry looked like last year, and possibly accidentally snubbing Mike at the pin-trade. Which I have since learned would have been an even more severe snub for the fact that pin-trading came forth from his imagination.

It is a shame that all these cool people gathered here together disperse again in less than 48 hours.

3 days just feels too short.

It’s like… less than 1% of the year. Does that sound like enough to you? It doesn’t to me.

Cannibals and Pirate Lords

I feel guilty for doing nothing.

On my weekends, I spend a lot of my time in books and television. I let it wash over me, but I feel like I should be doing something more constructive with the time.

I feel like I should be working on something, a new language, a new project, a new idea. Or being out with people, somewhere, anywhere.

I guess it’s a struggle between the introvert and extrovert.

On weekends, the introvert tends to win more often than not. I save the extrovert for Monday through Friday it seems, maybe because he is so damned useful at work?

So, this weekend, right now as a matter-of-fact, I am watching some Hannibal… because I can.

And I have a box-set of Pirates of the Caribbean waiting to be studied in detail… because I need to learn to be a better pirate for work-related reasons. Also D&D, but “for work” sounds more interesting and mysterious so that’s what I’m going to label it.

I haven’t quite worked out whether this means I need to let my hair grow or if I need to buy a bandanna and a hat.

Time will tell.

Long Service Leave – Alas, not yet

Why are long weekends never quite long enough?

I thought a four-day weekend would be more refreshing than it proved to be. I guess what it points to is that I need to have a longer break sometime.

Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to have the two extra days, but I guess the problem with short breaks is that they get swallowed by the backlog of chores that was still waiting for me.

On the up-side, I did read a bit more (oh how I want Amazon to release the new Paperwhite already so I can upgrade!), and I had some awesome Gelato in Kings Cross (Gelato Messina… worth a try if you’re near them), and I slept in a bit as well.

My next management goal at work is to coördinate with my fellow managers on a 2IC to develop enough that we can all start taking some more significant leave without leaving anyone in the lurch. Oh. And communications… that’s the two themes for 2014/15. As well as broader cross-skilling, three! Three themes for 2014/15.

(I have watched too much Monty Python… wish I could have gone to one of their theatre shows *sigh*)

Day 241 – H.S.H.


Dinner from the chicken shop down the road; I think they were humouring me because they were clearly intending to close just as I arrived. Three burgers and some wedges.

And now doing some chores to decompress if you could believe it. Been a very intense Melbourne trip this time around, so looking forward to the weekend. Once I earn it. Chores. Without too much thinking.

Thinking can wait till tomorrow.

Day 233 – Just a Little Unwell

I still don’t think I’m entirely well. I feel much more tired than I should be, occasionally I still have a coughing fit, and going to bed at 2am yesterday probably didn’t help much either.

It’s important to call your mother on her birthday though, and I had forgotten due to Wednesday Regulars until after midnight when I had a sudden panic. She was trying to let me off the hook, but we had a good conversation for an hour, and I was happy to make the sacrifice.

Then the work-day unfolded with a lot more draining content than I was ready for, but alas, that’s the job sometimes.

And then I finished up with a visit to the gym. I had skipped Monday and Tuesday already, and at some point I just start feeling wrong. The class felt good at the time, but I’ve been slumped on the lounge all evening. And now I think I’m ready for bed. And another meeting-ful day tomorrow.

I need to throw something restorative into the weekend.
Maybe sleep?

Day 220 – Plans and Schemes

It’ll feel strange to have a weekend with no Wet’n’Wild in it.

This weekend I’ll be doing whatever I can to help with the bathroom renovations. I’m going slowly insane without a shower at home. If I start gibbering in the coming weeks you’ll know what’s going on.

There will also be a jigsaw in this weekend. A puzzle that is; family gatherings over puzzles are too far in the past. I get a bit OCD over puzzles, but it’s a great way to let the impulse run its course in a controlled environment. You might want to give it a try yourself.

And I’ll be making some ice cream.

Today I at long last handed Peter his winnings. I still need to work out when Sin has time to come over and make Port Pear Ice Cream with me.

But I also intend to work out what Carrot Cake Ice Cream is supposed to be, and make it. And I will be making Elderflower/Lime Ice Cream for Amelia.

Not sure what I’ll do with any left-over time.
If there is such a thing.

Also, I left my stray thought at work, so I’ll have to leave thinking it for Monday. I’m not going into work on the weekend to gather my thoughts.